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Networking & Data Security

Millennium securely ties all your computers together using state of the art cabling, managed or smart network switches and firewalls to keep malware out. 


  • High quality cabling installations
  • High quality managed or smart network switches
  • Fiber runs for long-haul applications or bridging two networks together
  • Microsoft certified security practices for file access and remote access

Managed / Smart Network Switches

Our commercial grade network switches tie all your computers together to create a local area network (LAN). These switches allow us to pin-point issues on your network with their reporting mechanisms.

Firewall Systems

We choose which Sonicwall Firewall model is best suited for your company. Then we implement the firewall features to block viruses, spyware, attacks, and allow for content filtering. We also configure these firewalls for secure remote access using Virtual Private Networking (VPN).


Server Technology

Microsoft Servers allow for secure centralized access to your mission critical data, provides for centralized backups of your mission critical data, and allows for centralized printing and scanning.



Our business is based on the core principles of quality, integrity and reliability, which has helped us build an impeccable reputation for both the business and residential markets. We help small and medium sized organizations reduce the risk of lost productivity and/or business data, which could be caused by inadequate technical security controls and safeguards in their computer systems.