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Pro-Active Maintenance, Repair & Networking

At Millennium, we go by the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure with one major exception. We give our clients much more than an ounce of prevention; we give them a veritable ton of prevention. We remotely monitor your network 24/7 and our safeguards can detect a potential problem on your core systems even before you see it. When and if that happens, we snap into action to protect your network and your data.

Since 1995, Millennium has had a 99.9% success rate at protecting our clients’ data potentially vulnerable to virus attacks, hardware failures, or employee errors. We are successful because we use a three-tier approach to backing up client data. We backup data with the server’s VSS (shadow-copy) method every time a file or folder is changed, full imaging of the server several times a day to an external device, and offsite “cloud” backup to data-centers only located in the USA.

Advantages of having Millennium as your Managed Service Provider

  • State of the Art Remote Monitoring & Management, Anti-Virus, and Anti-Ransomware software – We constantly review newer, better solutions for our clients.
  • Military grade encryption on our backup image files – All of our backups run multiple times a day and are ultimately stored offsite in the United States.
  • Expert Network Wiring – Low voltage wiring.
  • Service Level Agreements – All proactive clients have SLA’s with us. We closely monitor with the help of Autotask (work-flow software) that we do not breach a SLA.
  • Security Cameras – Available to protect the premises around your business, hardware and data
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • Network Integration – We bring IT solutions to companies to help them streamline their workflow processes.
  • Email Phishing Training – Provide simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training campaigns to educate employees, making them strong against cybercrime. 
  • Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) – from RocketCyber that is manned 24/7 to monitor customer firewalls, workstations and servers around the clock for security threats. 
  • Certified Sonicwall Firewall Experts – We are certified to work on Sonicwall firewalls.
  • Virtual CIO Services – We partner with our clients to brainstorm IT solutions to help that client reduce costs, risks, wasted time, and sometimes manpower.
  • Discounted pricing on commercial grade Dell hardware – We’ve been a Dell Premier Tier reseller since 1995.
  • Reduced pricing for Non-Profits – We offer a significant reduction in hourly rate, monthly rate, and equipment.


Millennium technicians are all trained to restore files as the requests come in to do so. We usually restore files within a 1-hour window from when the client requests it. Depending on the solution in place, we can restore an entire office within hours of a building disaster being declared.

Our technicians will respond to your IT needs using our state-of-the-art remote monitoring and managing system called VSA. On average, one of our 7 technicians try to respond immediately if they are available, or within the same day of receiving the service request either through email or a call to our office help desk. Our technicians will travel to your account within two hours or less if they cannot resolve your issues remotely via VSA or other means.


124/7 Pro-Active Monitoring and Maintenance.

2All Microsoft Security Updates, Patches and Hot Fixes are vetted, applied and verified. This includes third-party patching.

3Anti-Virus Protection from SentinelOne and monitored at Millennium.

4Anti-Ransomware protection from SentinelOne (Ransomware is a huge threat these days where a virus gets into your system, encrypts your files & will not provide you with a decryption key until you pay the ransom).

5Onsite & Encrypted Offsite Backups for your servers or desktops by N-Able’s Cove Data Protection and monitored at Millennium daily.

6Office 365 – Essentials to Business Premiems.

7Proofpoint Email Security and Spam Filter – Provides email security, encryption, archiving, and data loss prevention.

8Kaseya’s Rocket Cyber Managed Security Operations System (SOC) for providing 24/7 manned coverage to monitor firewalls, workstations, and servers around the clock for security threats. This is a must for companies that have underwriting & compliance requirements.

9Sonicwall firewall certified technicians. Firewalls protect from you from Internet malware, intrusions, ands allows for secure VPN access to your office computers from home or anywhere.

10Emergency after-hours support.

11Intergard Employee Monitoring.

Business Continuity Planning

“Plan B” for disasters and disruptions to your business.

MCSCT is expert in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) to help companies stay operational in the event of a major disruption to their business. BCP and DRP are regulatory requirements for companies in certain industries as mandated by the federal government acts: HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI-DSS, and GLBA.

Our business is based on the core principles of quality, integrity and reliability, which has helped us build an impeccable reputation for both the business and residential markets. We help small and medium sized organizations reduce the risk of lost productivity and/or business data, which could be caused by inadequate technical security controls and safeguards in their computer systems.