Let’s Face it. Bandwidth is a Business’s Lifeline.

In today’s world, everyone needs to be connected. And now, especially, with remote workers it’s even more important that access to files, emails and crucial data is quick and effortless.

But Some Businesses Are Stifled by Too Little Bandwidth.

When you have employees spread over a relatively large area, your WiFi Bandwidth is usually not evenly distributed. This means that some employees have to wait much longer for large files than others. That translates to wasted time and wasted money.

We Did It for an Auto Dealership and We Can Do It for You.

One of our clients, a large auto dealership, had bandwidth issues, particularly in their service department. When a technician was working on a vehicle and the bandwidth dropped, the car’s computer would need to be completely reprogrammed from scratch, resulting in wasted hours when the technician could have been on to the next vehicle. We analyzed the workplace and its IT infrastructure and corrected the problem. Even those in the non-service areas noticed an increase in speed.

So Don’t Hesitate. Contact Us and Eliminate the Hidden Costs of Uneven Bandwidth.

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