Are Hidden Costs Melting Your Profits Away?

It’s a common problem for most businesses, small and large. The hidden costs of downtime. Think about it. When your network goes down, there’s a veritable row of dominoes that goes down with it.

• Everything in the office grinds to a halt
• Communications with your clients and vendors becomes comprised
• Accounts Payable and Receivable shut down
• You can’t use any of the online services you rely upon.

Now Think About This.

Get out a pencil. Now suppose your network is down three hours a month. Multiply your number of employees by your average hourly salary and then add 10% for benefits and FICA. Now estimate the dollar impact of all the items listed above and add those. Most likely, the number is staggering That’s money going out the door you can’t even see.

Prevent the Hidden Costs of Network Downtime

At Millennium Technology Solutions we can help you prevent – and even eliminate! – network downtime. When you take us on as your Managed Service Provider, we become your outsourced IT Department. First, we analyze your network and optimize your hardware and software. Then we install 24/7 Remote Monitoring so that we always know what’s going on with your network. Most of the time, we can catch issues even before you know about them. And our artificial intelligence programs stop viruses and ransomware right in their tracks.

So Don’t Hesitate. Contact Us Now and Eliminate the Hidden Costs of Network Downtime.