Are you protected from the latest versions of security threats?

In today’s world, your data IS your business. 

But data can be compromised or even lost by malicious viruses and ransomware. At Millennium Technology Solutions we use a product called Sentinel One to monitor virus and ransomware attacks. Sentinel One is an artificial intelligence (AI) application that does not rely on reverse-engineered virus definitions which can create delays in identifying a virus attack. That is not “real-time” protection.

Think About It. Lost Time Equals Lost Money.

Each time your network is down because of hackers, your business grinds to a halt. Let’s say you have 10 employees each earning an average of $45 per hour. That’s $450 that’s burning away every hour your system is done. Then add in payroll taxes and benefits and the number just grows and grows.

And if you can’t recover your data?

Think about the data stored in your network. There are client records, receivables, payables, legal documents, business plans. What would happen if your bookkeeper didn’t know what or who to bill? What would happen to your credit rating if you didn’t keep up with your payables? Worse yet, what would happen if sensitive client information got compromised?

Sentinel One: Stop the Hackers Right in their Tracks

Sentinel One actually uses AI to detect in “real time” that folders and files are being altered in a suspicious way. It literally disconnects the affected computer from the network to prevent it from spreading to your other network computers and has the capacity to reverse whatever was done to that computer during the attack.

So, there’s an easy way to protect your network and your data from malicious attacks. Sign up for a Managed Service agreement with Millennium Technology Solutions.

Don’t Let the Hackers Hack Away at Your Business.
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