Jared Begin

Jared graduated from Central Connecticut College with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Psychology. Jared is an exceptional desktop support technician with equally exceptional communication skills. Jared goes to great lengths to resolve client issues and then, if asked, explains in layman’s terms exactly what he did to resolve client issues and why. Jared is also the Operations Manager for MCSCT. His primary responsibilities with that role is to ensure no Service Order gets forgotten. Jared works to ensure our service level agreements to our many clients are met all of the time.

Operations Manager
Senior Technical Consultant
Phone: 203-758-5647 x102

Our business is based on the core principles of quality, integrity and reliability, which has helped us build an impeccable reputation for both the business and residential markets. We help small and medium sized organizations reduce the risk of lost productivity and/or business data, which could be caused by inadequate technical security controls and safeguards in their computer systems.