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Millennium has been a Dell reseller since 1995 and has sold over $1 Million of Dell servers, desktops, laptops, printers, network equipment, software, etc. Because of this, we get deep discounts directly from Dell as a Premier VAR Account.


Everything you need from computers, routers, hard drives, and memory to high-end servers and mainframes.

  • Hardware Analysis
  • Initial Purchases
  • Hardware Installation
  • Hardware Repairs
  • System Maintenance


Powerful software that monitors, maintains, secures, backs up and keeps track of your computers, networks and data.

  • Program Analysis
  • Initial Purchases
  • Program Installation
  • Software Updates
  • Online Backups


VSA Remote Monitoring & Management 

Our proactive Remote Monitoring and Management software agents are installed on your computers and detect and report immediate high alert issues to our technicians to review and act upon. With your permission, our technicians are able to gain access to your computers to quickly resolve issues without us having to travel to your account.

Remote Monitoring and Management also works on your behalf, during the early hours of the morning, to update your computers with the latest “approved” Microsoft security updates, patches, and service packs, and run computer and server tuning routines to keep your computers and servers running at optimal performance at all times.

Finally, Remote Monitoring and Management creates and stores a complete inventory of your hardware and the software (with license keys) installed on those computers ensuring the highest quality of service every time you need it.

24-Hour Incident Response

Millennium provides 24-hour incident response for emergencies relating to business disruptions caused by Internet viruses, Trojan horses, computer attacks and session hijacking. Additionally, we’ll handle any other computer related issue that requires immediate attention to ensure your business is connected and running smoothly.​

Online Backup

Backing up your files is a critical part of our services. We use the best rated technology in the world called Cove Data Protection. This technology allows us to restore just one file, one email thread, or the entire server. It is our commitment to our clients to never lose data. We back up the data three ways to ensure our commitment is always met.

Our business is based on the core principles of quality, integrity and reliability, which has helped us build an impeccable reputation for both the business and residential markets. We help small and medium sized organizations reduce the risk of lost productivity and/or business data, which could be caused by inadequate technical security controls and safeguards in their computer systems.