Proactive IT Management
Protects Your Business

There are two approaches to managing your business’s IT. Reactive or Proactive.

Reactive mode

The reactive model is just that.  You are always reacting to a problem.  No-one is watching your environment trying to eliminate problems before they happen.

Proactive mode

Proactive is a model where the IT support company is basically watching and managing the client’s environment 24/7.  Automation is in place to resolve many issues that can slow down a computer’s performance, thus eliminating the need for a call to be placed for service.  This automation is also used to resolve an issue before it becomes a legitimate problem without impacting or interrupting the end user.  In addition to automation for PC’s & Servers, it includes Anti-Virus monitoring & instant remediation, multiple data backups performed daily and network monitoring.

At Millennium Technology Solutions, we are proactive IT professionals. When we onboard with a new client, we implement our 360-degree IT Managed Services Program, a 7-point program which ensures your system is current, streamlined and protected.

Our prices are reasonable, perhaps the most reasonable around. You pay a fair price for each computer and server, and we take care of the rest.

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