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360°IT Managed Services Package

Our Experience And Expertise Result In Your Peace Of Mind

We developed our Millennium 360°IT Managed Services package with you in mind. During your business day, the last thing you want to do is worry about your IT system. It’s a drain of time and money. So, we do it for you. Whether you’re in the Legal, Medical, Manufacturing, Retail, Auto Dealership or any other profession, we understand the specific needs of your business and can onboard almost instantaneously. With our seven point approach to your IT needs, you’ll be completely covered.

Our 7 Point Program Gives you 360° IT Protection

The minute you engage Millennium, we do a thorough analysis of your system and strategize how to best refine it to result in maximum productivity. We look at everything – that’s why we call it a 360° Service.

  • From that day forward, we’ll monitor your system 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about anything involving your network ever again.
  • We’ll also build in back up and virus protection procedures so that you’re data will always be safe and secure.
  • This allows us to give you Proactive Support – often we can detect a problem before it even happens.
  • With our constant monitoring of your system, we gain valuable feedback which allows us to constantly improve your system’s performance.
  • And we do this all for a flat monthly fee which is predictable and affordable.

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360° IT Solution

Comprehensive program for IT support

Assess / Strategize

Comprehensive analysis & strategies

Manage / Optimize

24/7 monitoring

Proactive Support

Anticipating issues before they occur


Ahead of the game

Report / Strategize

360° feedback


Fair & transparent; no surprises

  Make the move today to take full advantage of our Millennium 360°IT Managed Services Package.


Our business is based on the core principles of quality, integrity and reliability, which has helped us build an impeccable reputation for both the business and residential markets. We help small and medium sized organizations reduce the risk of lost productivity and/or business data, which could be caused by inadequate technical security controls and safeguards in their computer systems.