It’s a bummer when your network goes down.

Employees are sitting at their workstations with nothing to do. Communication with your customers is compromised. And important online procedures grind to a halt.

And who do you have to call on?

In the case of many businesses, no one. Either you have an employee who “sorta” knows IT and tries to fix it or you have to call in an outside service which may or may not be there in real time.

But there is a solution

With a Managed Service Agreement with Millennium Technology Solutions, in most cases we will find any potential problems BEFORE they happen. And if they do occur, most of the time we can fix them remotely. And if not, we’ll be on-site  ASAP.

A Managed Service Agreement with Millennium is VERY AFFORDABLE. Do the math. Every time your network goes down multiply your down time by your average hourly salary and then add in missed opportunities because of comprised communications. You’ll find that Managed Services with Millennium is a BARGAIN.

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