Is Spotty WiFi Disrupting Your Business?

WiFi could be a double-edged sword. Not having to string ethernet cable all around your facility – especially if your facility has a large footprint – saves you money, but spotty reception in certain areas of your facility can slow you down.

Leave WiFi Deployment to the Professionals at Millennium

Setting up WiFi is one of those tasks that seems pretty simple to do.  But setting it up in your business is much different than setting it up in your home. The system has to be optimized so that the reception is at workable levels throughout your entire footprint – this involves solutions like repeaters, boosters, extenders and mesh networks among others.

The Acid Test: Optimizing WiFi for a Large Auto Dealership

Auto dealerships cover a lot of ground. There’s the showroom, the client waiting area, the administrative offices, the parts department and the service department. In today’s automotive world where vehicles are highly dependent upon technology it is vitally important that the service department receive the same strength of signal as the rest of the facility.

At one auto dealership, WiFi reception was spotty in their service department; when a vehicle was hooked up to an analyzer, if the WiFi dropped out, the entire vehicle’s operating software would have to be reinstalled, wasting time and money.

Who did they turn to to solve this problem?
Millennium Technology Solutions

Millennium optimized their WiFi coverage and the service department never had to worry about WiFi drops again. And the signal even improved throughout the rest of the dealership.

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Whether it be spotty WiFi, network security, back up procedures or anything affecting your network, Millennium can bring you peace of mind at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

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