Do your employees use their own laptops, tablets or smartphones for business?

A Gig Means More than Just Storage Space

BYOD is a term that’s popped up over the last several years. Quite simply, it’s an acronym for “Bring Your Own Device.” In today’s “gig” economy, particularly heightened by the  pandemic, more and more employees and/or independent contractors are using their personal devices, both computers and smartphones, to plug into their employers’ networks.

Welcome to the Jungle

But along with any conveniences that come with this arrangement, also come several risks. The company’s network is now venturing into unknown territory. Each connected device represents a new endpoint on your network. The employees are using different wireless networks, some secure, some not so secure, and the risk of viruses or ransomware sneaking into your network increases.

Not to Worry, We Have Your Back

At Millennium Technology Solutions, we know how to deal with BYOD issues. With your employees’ permission, we can install remote monitoring software on their devices which will protect against any data vulnerabilities 24/7/365.

Our virus protection uses artificial intelligence to detect what files and folders are being altered in real time and, should it find something suspicious, it automatically takes action to kill and quarantine the virus. We set up firewalls and VPNs to add extra levels of protection. And in the unlikely event an incursion does take place, we back up your data several times a day and can restore everything promptly.

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