Do You Regularly Back-Up and Archive your Data?

Your data is your most valuable asset. That goes without saying. It includes your customer records, your contacts, your transactions, your accounting and financial systems. Without it your business would be in trouble. Lots of trouble.

You’re Human. You Can Forget.

Yes, we all know that backing up and archiving our data is something we must absolutely do on a regular basis. But you know what? As they say, “Stuff happens”. So, when you’re hyper-busy paying attention to customers’ needs, negotiating a working capital loan, doing payroll, motivating your team, and watching your inventory levels, sometimes you’ll just forget to do that critical back-up. And then at the most inopportune time…

Stuff Happens

There’s a massive power outage. Your server dies. A virus attacks your network. It’s some ransomware czar from an unknown country holding your information hostage. At this point, you really feel bad, like real bad, about not remembering to back-up your data.

Millennium Technology Solutions Can Help

Millennium Technology Solutions can make all those fears go away. Why? Because when your business signs up for Managed IT Services from Millennium, we take care of backing up your system on a regular basis. And we also make sure your IT infrastructure is secure so when viruses and ransomware czars try to access your data we have multiple precautions in place that make it extremely difficult to succeed.

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