How to Prevent Cyber Crimes

by Millennium Team | June 11, 2021

It may be surprising, but in 2017, nearly 17 million American’s were victims of identity fraud. Since COVID-19 and the increased numbers of employees working from home, this number has only increased in the last few years. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to not be among those who have had a data breach.


Take Steps to Prevent Cyber Criminals from Stealing Your Information:

You can take easy steps to reduce your chances of falling victim to identity fraud/theft:
Use Two-Factor Authentication: Two-Factor Authentication requires your phone number to verify it is you when there is a login from an unfamiliar device or location.
Update Your Devices Regularly: Software updates force hackers to change their strategies when navigating operating systems. Inability to update software gives hackers an easier chance at accessing data in an operating system they understand. We ensure all of our client’s IT environment is totally up to date.
Don’t Share Personal Information Online: Limit the amount of personal information you share on social media (this counts for the entire family.) Refrain from sharing posts that give details about your personal life (the first type of car you bought, your Mother’s maiden name…)

Avoid Social Media Scams and Trends

Cyber Criminals take advantage of seemingly harmless trends on social media. Make sure you don’t fall victim by sharing information that should stay private. Be mindful of what you share. Before you post, think to yourself “would I be comfortable if this information was public?
Don’t show pictures of your personal documents. These documents may include your Driver’s License, COVID-19 Vaccination Card, and anything that shows your Social Security Number, birthday, or addresses. Even if your social media accounts are set to private.

When it Comes to Your Business’s Privacy, Leave it to the Experts.

When you take control of your personal information, it will reduce your chance of becoming a victim of identity fraud. When it comes to your business, we can help make sure all your employees and computers are following best practices, so you don’t have to worry.