Business Network Security

by Millennium Team | September, 2021

Is your business taking the precautionary steps it needs to protect data and devices against hackers? The network security at your business is becoming more important as cyber hacking becomes more sophisticated, frequent, and invasive. Keep reading for a few tips you can use to protect your devices at work, even if you’re not an IT expert.

What to do to Protect Yourself

Unique Passwords: It’s crucial to always create unique passwords for every account that is used within your company. Having unique passwords will secure major information and prevent hackers from accessing your data. In addition to creating these unique passwords, it’s important to never use the same password for your accounts, especially in the office. This is one of the most common mistakes individuals make that may put themselves and their business at risk. If one account is hacked, it could mean multiple emails, and user data could be accessed.

network routerWireless Access Point Placement:In addition to unique passwords, it’s beneficial to place the Wi-Fi Access Point in a spot that can reach everyone equally throughout the office. Placing this Access Point in the middle of your office will help prevent the Wi-Fi network from reaching outside the property lines. Additionally, configuring a strong password to gain access into the Access Point is crucial. This ensures that only people within your business are the ones with access to the network.

Keep Your Access Point Updated: Lastly, always keep the devices and router up to date with each software update that is released. Hardware companies are constantly releasing updates with new bug fixes and security updates. Staying on top of each update will guarantee everything has the newest version of technology and security.

There Are Many Different Layers to Network Security

Guaranteeing your business’ devices are kept private is crucial as data is becoming increasingly threatened by the day. With technology constantly advancing, and hacking becoming more frequent, it is important to take precautionary measures to keep your data safe. Whether it be as simple as the location of the router, updating the devices, or creating unique passwords, each precaution is one step further in a safer network environment. If you require more advanced protection for your business, contact us today for a free consultation.