Are Your Employees Often On The Road?

Think about it. Your employee is sitting in the waiting area at an airport. Being productive, they’re on WiFi checking their messages or doing some work. Three rows away a hacker is siphoning vital information from your employee’s computer on the shared public WiFi service.

Increased Remote Activity Equals Increased Data Vulnerability

In today’s era of COVID-19, more and more employees are working remotely, tapping into unknown and potentially vulnerable WiFi services. And even when COVID is gone, the vulnerabilities will persist. Employees will be traveling again. Coffee shops and restaurants will be open again. And, of course, Working From Home will not be going away anytime soon. The amount of data vulnerabilities your employees and your network will be exposed to will only increase.

Protect Yourself with Millennium Technology Solutions

Millennium Technology Solutions can make your data vulnerability a thing of the past. We’ll set up firewalls and VPNs so that data can be exchanged fluidly and securely. We’ll monitor & manage your entire environment  24/7 ensuring your computers and servers have the latest Microsoft patches and hotfixes as they become available, as well as putting automation in place that will keep your machines running as optimally as possible. We will backup up your data multiple times a day, encrypting it with military grade encryption before we send it to our cloud storage.  Our anti-virus protection uses artificial intelligence to detect in “real time” that folders and files are being altered in a suspicious way and then takes action to kill & quarantine the virus.

Peace of Mind

At Millennium we do many things. Monitor and manage your entire environment, 24/7 to ensure you’re secure. We take remedial action when needed. Most of all, we bring you Peace of Mind and that’s the most important thing of all. When your mind is free to focus on your business and not your IT environment, you’re free to drive your business to new heights.

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